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Greg Pak Talks Storm and a Look at the Second Issue


In July Marvel Comics made some major announcements regarding diversity in its comic line - Thor will now be a woman and the Captain America title will now be taken by Sam Wilson. But July also saw the first issue of Storm, one of the only ongoing superhero comics ever launched that is headlined by a black woman. The first issue sold just shy of 50K copies in print. (Marvel does not report digital sales although industry buzz says that is a robust business for certain titles).

The second issue is out next week (preview below) and I chatted a bit with writer Greg Pak about Storm and what we can expect to see from the series.

Q. So Storm has been in four movies, animated shows and even has her own ride in Orlando. You’ve been talking about wanting to do a solo Storm series for three years. Why do you think it has take so long to get a series?

I imagine it’s a combination of things. Marvel’s had some great success in recent months and years with solo books featuring female characters. So I figure that’s played into it, which is awesome. And there’s the fact that Storm is the favorite character of Marvel editor Daniel Ketchum, and eventually he was going to get this book of the ground. I just feel fortunate that I was available and on Daniel’s radar when he started looking for a writer. (Thanks, Daniel!)

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